Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fontainebleau Information Booklet

We arrived at Camp Guynemer in November 1960 and departed November 1963. Association with my fellow multinational members of the AFCent Printing Plant and the staff members we supported from AFCent, AirCent, NavCent, and their support organizations, were both interesting and rewarding. There just aren’t many assignments where you would be exposed to so many different cultures at one station. Our French neighbors were friendly and our frequent visits lead to exchanging dinner invitations and watching each other’s home while vacationing. We found that attempting to speak the native language would usually result in an immediate attempt for them to speak our language -- and many could speak ours much better than we could stumbling through theirs. This was true regardless of what country we were visiting at the time. It’s too bad that some found only the rudeness and the bad side of the French people. We spent many late hours investigating Paris and going to motor sports events such as Le Mans 24-Hour Race and Reims Grand Prix and we’ll have to say that we often saw Americans who didn’t show their best side.

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Before leaving our stateside station we received a Fontainebleau Information Booklet and an AirCent Information Brochure which provided answers to our many questions about our upcoming assignment in Fontainebleau. Anyone interested can view them or download them at the following.

Url for the Fontainebleau Information Booklet

Url for the AirCent Information Brochure

Jerry and Joyce Sievers