Saturday, August 22, 2009

Phil Adler Update

Success in finding Rosie. His first name is Jim and not William. Jack Holland of Portland Oregon a 30450 who was barracked at Station 15, but a member of the Roving Maintenance team emailed me as a result of my post. Jim Rosie Rosequist was an A1c not Sgt. and 30450.

JR's name is Ray Knight and lives in FL again 30450 but I'm not sure about the rank. I am trying to locate him.

Also Station 17 is near Munchweiler and not Munchthaler as you indicated. If I spelled it that way, I was wrong. The progress being made is really great. Jack has helped me with some of my muddied memories.

On a sad note Jack tells me that John Stimmel passed away two or so years ago. When I speak to his wife Ushie, I will see what info I can get to pass on to you such as his rank, etc.

The work that you are doing with the site is just great and I do appreciate how it is working out.

Rick Barbera Questions License Number Coding

I was with the 5th RR and later the 1141st SPACTRON, from February
1955 until November of 1957.

I have a question. I remember two license number
designations .... SF which stood for SHAPE FORCES. My plate number
was 7711 SF. There was a CF designation also. But I don't know
what the CF stood for. Do you remember, or can you find out?

`I would appreciate it a bunch.

Rick Barbera