Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lee Smith

Hi. I'm Lee Smith. I was stationed in Camp Guyemer the winter of 65/66 for a few months before they sent me over to site 16 at Bann, Germany. I can recall going up to Pigalle several times to tease the girls. Never had money enough for that as an A2C but it was entertaining.

We also hung out in a bar in Fontainebleau that would pull a tambour door down over the front entrance and bar at 2:30am so the tables in the rear became a private party. Stay as long as you like.

The Ville de Hericy was labled as a communist sympathizer town and we weren't suppose to go over there, so guess what? Of course it looked and acted like any other town.
I have to say, I learned more French in the several months I was there than I did German in the remaining 3 years due to the fact that the French wouldn't speak English to us. They acted much like us Americans, too.

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